What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“…the College of Medicine, launched in October in a blaze of pomp and circumstance, is neither a college, nor a place particularly associated with the practice of medicine (as we understand it). Rather it seems to simply be the same alternative medicine lobbying organisation that brought such disrepute to Prince Charles earlier this year, except this time, his name isn’t quite so prominently attached to it…where is the Prince in all this? Charles’ support for alternative medicine is widely documented. In the recent past the Prince has dirtied his hands personally lobbying the relevant ministers and writing secret letters to the MHRA. But the Prince has clearly learned caution after the fall of his Foundation. When asked about the College by alternative medicine campaigner Prof. David Colquhoun, the Office of Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall declined to make any comment referring him only to College director Dr. Michael Dixon. However, there are reasons to suspect the Prince is heavily involved…” Craig Aaen Stockdale , Republic (18th January 2011)