What alternative health

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Campaign group Republic has accused Prince Charles of dishonesty and today demanded MPs call him as a witness in their 'royal veto' inquiry...MPs are legally required to seek Charles's consent on a whole raft of new laws thanks to the "Queen's and Prince's consent" rule. The effective veto is conducted in secret and allows Charles to insist on changes to laws that affect his private interests...Republic's chief executive officer Graham Smith said today: "We welcome the Commons inquiry into the royal veto and will be giving evidence ourselves in due course. If Charles believes he has a right to secretly lobby ministers and exercise a veto over new laws then he should be called to the Commons to give evidence himself. It's no good Charles sending his PR men to give evidence, he needs to turn up and explain himself in public. He seems keen to meet MPs in private, now is the time to hear what he has to say out in the open. Charles's claim that his meetings with ministers are part of his preparation for being king are simply untrue. Charles is abusing his position to promote his own interests and his pet issues. Such dishonesty needs to be directly challenged by MPs and in public. It is telling that while claiming to be meeting MPs in preparation for being king Charles has not once met with Treasury or Justice Department ministers. He is only meeting ministers relevant to his political interests." Republic (12th August 2013)