What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"His sceptics say it is 'witchcraft' and 'nonsense', but Prince Charles's faith in the alternative medicine is unwavering...Charles's public devotion to alternative medicine first became clear in an address to the British Medical Association in December 1982 on the 150th anniversary of its foundation...[his] faith in alternative medicine is grounded in the teachings of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and German philosopher Kurt Hahn, which adhere to ancient healing processes emphasising the treatment of the patient as a whole. His speech prompted the BMA to set up an inquiry (which found, in 1986, no scientific proof that any homeopathic treatments worked), and cleaved an ideological rift between Charles and much of the medical profession that endures to this day. Spurred on by letters from supporters, the Prince continued to promote his views, including the cause of homeopathy...Of course, for those who see alternative medicine - and particularly homeopathy - as bogus, Charles's passion for it only undermines his credibility." The Telegraph (12th November 2013)