What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Acupuncture has also been studied enough for the technology of acupuncture research to have matured to fairly definitive studies, and to conclude that there is probably no large or easily detectable biological effect from acupuncture. In addition, the popularity of acupuncture (while still small in absolute numbers) far outstrips the evidence for its effectiveness, making acupuncture a controversial treatment. This controversy is exacerbated by the existence of dedicated practitioners (acupuncturists), who have a vested interest in this one modality. For these reasons any further testing of acupuncture should aspire to the highest scientific standards. Pilot studies of acupuncture are worse than worthless — they do nothing to further the scientific question, and they are abused to promote a dubious treatment through the credulous media." Steven Novella, MD, Science Based Medicine (24th September 2008)