What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"In an article in the Guardian last year, [Simon] Singh made claims regarding the evidence base alleged to support the promotion of chiropractic treatments in certain non-skeletal conditions in children. As Singh explains on the website www.senseaboutscience.org.uk, the Guardian offered the BCA an opportunity to lay out their evidence rather than to sue him for libel. The BCA opted to sue…..the vice president of the BCA, Richard Brown, has now presented the evidence. He writes, "There is in fact substantial evidence for the BCA to have made claims that chiropractic can help various childhood conditions" and lists 18 references. Readers can decide for themselves whether or not they are convinced. Edzard Ernst is not. His demolition of the 18 references is, to my mind, complete. Weak science sheltered from criticism by officious laws means bad medicine. Singh is determined to fight the lawsuit rather than apologise for an article he believes to be sound. He and his supporters have in their sights not only the defence of this case but the reform of England's libel laws." Fiona Godlee, Editor, British Medical Journal (9th July 2009)