What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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DAY 1 (5th January 2010)

Morning Session: Following a lengthy review of the exhibit list and attorney arguments on several motions to recuse a board member and exclude evidence, testimony begins with William Lauretti, Doctor of Chiropractic

(Length: 2 hr 51 min)
Afternoon Session: The cross examination of the Connecticut Chiropractic Association's witness William Lauretti, Doctor of Chiropractic, continues. He is followed by Doctors of Chiropractic James Lehman and Clay McDonald. (Length: 2 hr 58 min)

DAY 2 (6th January 2010)

Morning Session: After legal arguments on a motion to exclude proposed testimony on subluxation, intervenor Jann Bellamy of the Florida-based Campaign for Science-Based Health Care testifies for the remainder of the session (Length: 2 hr 44 min)
Afternoon Session: Gerald Clum, DC testifies for the CT Chiropractic Assoc. followed by intervenor Sharon Mathiason, a Canadian woman who testifies about the death of her 20-year-old daughter. Concludes with Gina Carucci, DC & President of the CT Chiropractic Assoc. (Length: 3 hr 13 min)

DAY 3 (19th January 2010)

Morning Session: Features the testimony of Dr. Douglas Fellows, representing the CT Medical Examining Board on its position on providing informed consent for patients and George Curry, Doctor of Chiropractic , representing the CT Chiropractic Council. (Length: 3 hr 14 min)
Afternoon Session: Includes the testimony of intervenor State Sen. Len Fasano and of stroke victims Janet Levy, Britt Harwe and Christa Heck. Susan Hoffman and Michael McCormick testify about their spouses' deaths following strokes. (Length: 2 hr 7 min)

DAY 4 (22nd January 2010)

Morning Session: (Length: 2 hr 51 min)
Afternoon Session: (Length: 3 hr 36 min)