What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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The vigorous spinal manipulations used by many chiropractors are an unnecessarily dangerous way to treat neck pain, an Australian researcher says. Dr Andrew Leaver, from the University of Sydney, said the practice should be reviewed after a study showed how a much milder therapy was just as effective at alleviating neck pain…"It makes us question why patients, or practitioners, would favour a treatment which possibly carries (the) risk of catastrophic outcome."… The frequently quoted estimate of serious injury following neck manipulation was one in a million, he said, though this was conservative and it could be as much as one in 15,000. "Whilst this appears to be a rare occurrence ... patients have a right to make an informed choice," Dr Leaver said. "We should also consider the severity of the risk and remember that the condition which people are initially seeking treatment for is a non life-threatening and mostly self-limiting condition." The research was carried out in collaboration with the University of Queensland, and the results are published in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Australian press report (8th September 2010)