What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Spain: The Spanish Chiropractors´ Association (AEQ) has started a project with the objective of seeking legislation. Sweden: The Swedish Agency for Higher Education has presented a report for the Government proposing that chiropractors should first become physiotherapists, then add an extra two years to become chiropractors. Norway: The Ministry of Education has been given the task by its government to make a report on how to establish a chiropractic university program in Norway, and how to establish research within the chiropractic field in Norway. After the development in Sweden, there is some concern about the content of this report. Germany: An initiative is being made towards establishing a chiropractic education at a university in Germany. Luxembourg: The chiropractic association of Luxembourg has scheduled a meeting with the European Chiropractors Union (ECU) President for the 2nd weekend of January 2011. Focus will be on organization, legislative initiatives and development of chiropractic in Luxembourg. France: The French Chiropractic Association has taken some major steps towards recognition and regulation. If everything goes according to plan, chiropractic will have a new law in France in 2011. Great Britain: Early professional conduct cases arising from mass complaints made by UK skeptics have resulted in not guilty verdicts. In particular, the Professional Conduct Committee accepted the argument that chiropractic care extends beyond the narrow focus of manipulation, massage and mobilisation that was the subject of the Bronfort Report. It has also accepted that an indication on a website that chiropractors treat named conditions is not potentially misleading, nor does it exploit the public's lack of knowledge about chiropractic. Many more cases will follow in 2011. The Netherlands: The Dutch Chiropractic Association has decided to make the position of president a paid position which will further the professionalisation of the Dutch Chiropractic Association. Croatia: The President of the Croatian Chiropractic Association will apply for ECU membership next year. Hungary: The Hungarian Chiropractic Association is in the middle of a process of getting the association officially registered in the country. ECU membership will be applied for as soon as the registration process is completed in Hungary. (December 2010)