What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“Members of the Korean Chiropractic Association [KCA] in South Korea are in uproar at the scrutiny of their profession, after an investigation of formal Chiropractic clinics by local health authorities has led to more legal proceedings…Under the law, It is illegal for independent Chiropractors to practise. If you were a Medical Doctor who took some seminar classes in Chiropractic or similar manipulative therapies, you could legally practice those techniques, however, someone who just went to a Chiropractic college in America, the UK, or Australia could not legally practice in Korea…Appeals from the Members of the KCA claim that the law is unconstitutional, however, while this defence erroneously characterizes the law as being "anti-Chiropractic", South Korean law doesn't state that Chiropractic is illegal. Rather, the law states Chiropractors can't practice their techniques unless they're qualified Medical Doctors.” Bayani Mills, Birmingham Skeptics (18th July 2011)