What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“Doctors have accused some chiropractors of undermining public health policy by supporting a discredited anti-vaccination group and directing patients to the site for information. Chiropractors are the biggest professional supporters of the anti-vaccination group the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). Last year, the Health Care Complaints Commission issued a public warning about the AVN after it found the group was spreading misinformation about childhood vaccination. The AVN refused to comply with the HCCC's recommendation that they place "a statement in a prominent position on its website" outlining their anti-vaccination stance and was subsequently stripped of its charitable status. Of the network’s 198 professional members, 128 are registered chiropractors. Many are members of the professional body the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia, or CAA…Dr Brian Morton from the Australian Medical Association said it was “reprehensible (some) chiropractors support the anti-vaccination lobby” and they should not have access to Medicare rebates and taxpayer subsidies from private health insurers…The Chiropractors Association of Australia refused to take an official position on vaccination and told news.com.au that the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (NSW) did not have an official position on vaccination…Rachael Dunlop, a biologist, attended a vaccination information seminar held by Newtown chiropractor and CAA NSW vice-president Nimrod Weiner six months ago. “Over two hours we were told that vaccinations caused autism and brain damage and as we were leaving we were given a pamphlet that said ‘18 reasons not to vaccinate',” the 40-year-old from Petersham said…The AMA called on Federal Health Minister to review Medicare payments to chiropractors who supported the anti-vaccination lobby.” Australian press report (27th July 2011)