What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“A type of chiropractic device mired by lawsuits and controversy is again under fire in Florida. This time, the FDA’s focus is Spinetronics, owned by Coral Springs chiropractor David Bass. FDA says Bass over-stated the treatment capabilities of a spine-stretching device he invented, the Antalgic-Trak. Sarasota-based Axiom Worldwide and Melbourne-based Vax-D have also run into trouble in recent years for misrepresenting similar “spinal decompression” devices. Although each company made something a little different, all the devices required patients to recline on a table as a computer-controlled machine stretched the body in different ways. Some chiropractors say the treatment is valid, but sales have led to lawsuits and accusations of fraud.” Health News Florida (3rd November 2011)