What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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A New Jersey judge ordered Daniel H. Dahan, D.C., Practice Perfect, and Robert H. Borsody, Esq. to pay Allstate Insurance Company nearly $4 million for violating New Jersey's Insurance Fraud  Protection Act. The judge also ordered Dahan and Medical Neurological Diagnostics, Inc. (MNDI) to pay an additional $10,125. Dahan is president of Practice Perfect Management & Consulting Services, of Long Beach, California, which specialises in helping chiropractors set up clinics that "integrate" chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy services. Borsody, who practices law in New York City, devised the legal strategy and forms used to provide the "integration."  Practice Perfect seminars taught chiropractors how to set up medical corporations that appeared to comply with state regulations as to ownership and control, but would actually be under the chiropractor's control through devices such as undated documents, penalty clauses, and one-sided agreements.  Chirobase (21st November 2012)