What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"The furore surrounding a chiropractor accused of fracturing a baby's neck gathered momentum today with claims the investigation was flawed...Spinal surgeon Mr John Cunningham said he and his colleagues had no doubt the child suffered a fracture..."I strongly suspect that the injury was through the congenital defect, the weak point, which would have contained cartilaginous tissue. This would not be visible on the initial CT as cartilage is simply not seen. A second CT, performed some weeks later [see paragraph 34 of the report], clearly indicates new bone formation and healing of a concurrent fracture." Mr Cunningham said the CAA [Chiropractors' Association of Australia] must have appreciated the significance of the second CT scan. "What I find disingenuous is the manner in which they only released to the press the first CT report," he added." Medical Observer (18th October 2013)