What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Researchers found 14 significant injuries, 9 of which were serious, and 2 children died. In one of the fatal cases, the child died from a brain hemorrhage after receiving a neck manipulation; in the other, the child died after a suspected neck fracture. Some children suffered paralysis, while others had less serious or minor problems, such as severe headache and back pain. A chiropractor performed the adjustments in most cases. The reviewers commented that despite the fact that spinal manipulation is widely used on children, paediatric safety data are virtually non-existent. Sunita Vohra MD FRCPC MSc Bradley C. Johnston ND Kristie Cramer MSc and Kim Humphreys DC PhD Pediatrics (January 2007)

NOTE: The article did not consider harmful aspects of chiropractic care that are far more common than the reported events. These include (a) decreased use of immunisation due to misinformation given to parents, (b) psychologic harm related to unnecessary treatment, (c) psychologic harm caused by exposure to false chiropractic beliefs about "subluxations" and (d) financial harm due to unnecessary treatment.