What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Most of the information in this post was obtained from a closed, Australian chiropractic Facebook group. After much deliberation with friends, I have decided that the public interest far outweighs the interests of a group which cannot legitimately claim privacy, with a member list tallying 624, so far. Public safety is paramount to the self-serving interests of these chiropractors who flagrantly breach codes of conduct, health policies, and any semblance of professional courtesy, in their chase for legitimacy, based on the unwarranted treatment of magic, invisible conditions (subluxations); this is a legitimacy they do not deserve. The first time I came across the habit of chiropractors conducting their secret treatments in hospitals was in my recent series on anti-vaccine chiropractors...Helen Alevaki is the President of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia Victoria branch...In a post from the chiropractic group, Alevaki admits to sneaking into maternity wards under the guise of being a friend of the baby's parents, who are indeed her customers, to check brand new babies. About a week after that admission I was startled by another thread, in which a stream of chiropractors admitted to conducting their business inside our hospitals...I think what this practice really shows is the utter disdain held for evidence-based medicine by these chiropractors. Policies and procedures are implemented for good reason: the health and safety of the patient is paramount, and a good part of this is made possible by the maintenance of accurate health records, and with the collegiality of evidence-based health teams working together in the interests of the patient's health. To have magic-reliant cowboys stroll into this environment, in secret, with curtains drawn, shows the lack of respect they have for other practitioners, and their own codes of conduct, which amazingly claim ethics as one of their central tenets. Remember, these people are aiming to take their place beside trained medical professionals as primary health care providers. They don't even have the decency to consult with a real doctor; the same doctors of whom they are so disdainful, yet whose courtesy title they crave. The Friends of Science in Medicine have provided a statement regarding the information presented above. I didn't bother contacting the Chiropractors' Association of Australia, again. I wouldn't have expected them to reply anyway, as you have already seen.

Friends of Science in Medicine statement:

The highly unprofessional and potentially dangerous practices documented here demonstrate just how undisciplined is this "profession" despite the government's initiative to protect the public by having all chiropractors registered nationally. Their adherence to ethical standards of practice is the responsibility of the Chiropractic Board of Australia. A rapid and firm response from this Board following these revelations will be expected and monitored by Friends of Science in Medicine and no doubt many other professional bodies emphasising the importance of having credible scientific evidence of clinical effectiveness underpin the delivery of health care in Australia.

Importantly, not one chiropractor in that closed group...cautioned against this activity. Not one. Present and former CAA board members joined in, promoted, and condoned the activity. This speaks volumes. Tell me: what does it take to deregister a chiropractor these days? And, why do we allow them to use the courtesy title, 'Dr'?" Reasonable Hank blogspot (28th September 2013)