What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Chiropractors should be banned from manipulating the skeletons of children until they can prove it helps instead of harms, AMA [Australian Medical Association] President Dr Steve Hambleton has said. Speaking in the wake of disputed claims that the vertebrae of a four-month-old baby was fractured during chiropractic treatment, Dr Hambleton said there should be a stop to chiropractic procedures on children unless there is scientific evidence that they are beneficial...In addition to claims that some chiropractors are seeking to treat children from a very young age - some as young as just a few months old – several have been linked to the activities of anti-vaccination groups. Dr Hambleton said...there was no scientific support for the subluxation theory advanced by some chiropractors that correct spinal alignment boosts the immune system and obviates the need for vaccination." Adrian Rollins, Australian Medical Association (7th October 2013)