What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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The UK College of Chiropractors is keen to secure a Royal Charter to become known as the 'Royal College of Chiropractors'. A body applying for a Royal Charter is normally expected to meet a number of criteria, one of which is that it should comprise members of a unique profession. However, the only unique aspect of chiropractic would appear to be its pseudoscientific underpinnings. It has been said that without their subluxation theory, chiropractors are reduced to manipulative therapists practicing a very limited modality shared by osteopaths, physiatrists, sports trainers, physical therapists and others: That without subluxation theory, chiropractic's claim that it is a unique and comprehensive 'alternative' to standard medicine is lost. Furthermore, a body applying for a Royal Charter is expected to have 5,000 or more members. In the UK, there are currently around 3,000 chiropractors.

NOTE: Formal applications for Charters are published to allow other interested individuals or organisations to comment or to lodge counter-petitions. Any proposal which is rendered controversial by a counter-petition is unlikely to succeed. Full details available from the Privy Council via this link.

Royal Charter update 2010

"The application for the Royal Charter was unsuccessful, but the initiative is still alive and when the time is right a further application will be made."

Ref: Section C-170210-3 (v) Minutes of the General Chiropractic Council meeting held on 17 February 2010.