What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"This post is an update on my earlier discussions with the UK General Chiropractic Council on the subject of the evidence to support various claims surrounding the Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)…

This resulted in the GCC issuing some guidance to its members. To say this new guidance was unpopular with chiropractors would be something of an understatement…

An organisation calling itself the Alliance of UK Chiropractors (AUKC) was formed and they proceeded to put pressure on the GCC to reinstate their beloved subluxation….Eventually the GCC gave way and issued an amendment to their guidance…

The GCC’s original statement was that there was no evidence to support subluxation claims, yet after this meeting the GCC changed the guidance.

If they are [now] going to allow subluxations to be linked to health concerns [indirectly through stating specifically that there is no evidence to link subluxation to 'disease'  whilst omitting the words 'health concerns' ], then surely they must now have some evidence.

...on 27 Aug I wrote to the GCC asking if they could explain the reasoning behind changing the guidance and asked if they now had any evidence. My personal view was that these changes had more to do with chiropractic politics than actual evidence…”

Skeptic Barista blog (17th October 2010)