What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“The College of Chiropractors has, indeed, been granted a Royal Charter, but it's a Royal Charter of Incorporation, granted by the Privy Council, with Nick Clegg as Lord President…The College claims it "currently has more than 1500 UK members and 2800 members worldwide." That adds up to just 4,300 members (with only 1,500 in the UK), somewhat short of the requisite 5,000. Or does that 2,800 include its 1,500 UK members? In which case, it's even further off meeting the 5,000 requirement. But why only 1,500 members in the UK? There are 3,374 chiropractors registered with the General Chiropractic Council, so the College of Chiropractors doesn't even represent half of the chiropractors in the UK. Is this further evidence to the split between the different chiro factions?...The grant of the Royal Charter on 7th November followed a letter of support from Department of Health dated 26th September 2012 to the President of the College to say the Department would be advising the Privy Council that the College’s charter application should be taken out of abeyance. So, despite the College failing to meet the requirements set out by the Privy Council, it was interference in that process by the DoH that produced the Royal Charter a mere weeks later. Once we have that letter, we'll let you know what it says. Meddling, anyone?” Zeno’s blog (26th November 2012)