What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"...if DD Palmer was able to cure deafness in 1895, then modern chiropractors should be able to do this as well...According to my checks, there is little evidence that this trick hasn't been performed since. Why not? DD Palmer did it, so why aren't chiropractors curing deaf people world wide? Surely that should be the first therapy taught to young chiropractors! If you want [another] reason to doubt the concept, then what about high quadriplegics, like Christopher Reeve, who had perfect hearing, but a non-functioning spinal cord. Not malaligned or subluxed – not functioning at all. So when you hear someone tell you this story, just remember that you're hearing it without using your spinal cord. Some chiropractors insist that adjusting the spine can, indeed, fix your hearing, your diabetes, your child's autism and asthma, and "enhance" your immune system. They invented the concept of "innate intelligence" to explain it, which is some sort of life force that cannot be seen, does not follow nerve pathways, yet can somehow be manipulated and adjusted by cracking a person's neck or back. How is it that something, that cannot be seen or touched or imaged, be "adjusted"? How can you know that the supposed "adjustment" is being performed correctly, healing the "innate", when it cannot even be measured? You'll need to ask a chiropractor that. It's a convenient and intuitive concept, but completely without evidence. None. And much evidence to the contrary. It's a fairy tale, designed to make people believe...Let's be honest, if your chiropractor mentions the words innate or subluxation, or attempts to provide you treatment that isn't directly related to spinal complaints, then you're dealing with a non-evidence based practitioner." John Cunningham, MD - Spinal orthopaedic surgeon specialising in cervical and lumbar spinal degeneration and trauma (10th July 2013)