What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Today, in The Australian newspaper, it was revealed that "Central Queensland University [CQU] will next year offer [chiropractic] courses in Brisbane and Sydney alongside its Mackay courses". The Chiropractors' Association of Australia [CAA] has been working hard since Macquarie University decided to dump its chiropractic course due, diplomatically, to its status of, shall we say, research unencumbrance... [According to] the CAA 2012 President's report, some expenses are for the employment of a political lobbyist, and the employment of a public relations firm. Evidence? No way, chirostars. It's all about protecting the public image from questions regarding evidence. It's not about providing evidence. It's about holding back-slapping conferences of mutual admiration, selling each others' wares, and promoting each others' beliefs. It's about attacking and denigrating people who ask for evidence. It's about not being crystal clear about your anti-vaccinationism, and your belief in the invisible. It's about avoiding public scrutiny, so you can privately affect the health choices of others, without having pesky regulations and codes of ethics intrude upon your love-circle. Then it's about demanding respect in the public sphere, whilst threatening legal action against those who would ask legitimate questions. Then you claim it's about the research..." Reasonable Hank blogspot (6th August 2013)