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"The Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF) has just released their Annual Report detailing financial activity for 2012-2013. Net revenue for this period was $1,697,097. The amount of money spent or allocated to research grants was $52,029. This amounts to 3.07% of all monies generated...Conversely, $605,956 was spent on salaries or wages during this same period. This seems somewhat disproportionate. So, in this post The Rogue Chiropractor will look deep into the history of ASRF revenue and research grant expenditure...perhaps the ASRF needs a name change – Australian Subluxation Marketing Fund, so that chiropractors who have moved on from the vertebral subluxation complex can easily identify that this might not be where they want to direct their donations and those that want to contribute to VSC research can do so." The Rogue Chiropractor blogspot (9th October 2013)