What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Researchers agree ear candling is a dangerous and ineffective procedure for removing cerumen (ear wax) from the outer ear. Its efficacy and safety have been questioned for more than a decade…..Ear candling is condemned by the FDA, which prohibits the sale or import of ear candles with medical claims…..Despite the documented dangers of ear candling, however, the sale of ear candles and the purported benefits of the process can be found on dozens of Web sites. In fact, one popular search engine came up with 246,000 citations for the benefits of ear candling, while the same search engine came up with only 13,300 citations for the dangers. ….Nurses, your patients are reading these Web sites, and in many cases looking for natural remedies. Some hate to have their ears flushed by their doctor and are looking for cheaper, alternative methods. Many will consider ear candles. Be prepared to relay the facts to your patients — this procedure is dangerous and pointless." Two-page article by Jess Dancer, EdD, professor emeritus of audiology at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock and Heather Shenk, AuD, staff audiologist at Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, Lancaster, PA. Advance for Nurses (1st April 2009)