What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"A while ago I wrote a comment on an article that was published in Homeopathy. This article, among other things, purported to show that the authors of a Lancet meta-analysis (Aijing Shang and co-workers) that had negative results for homeopathy had engaged in post-hoc hypothesising and data dredging. That was an outrageous slur on what is a perfectly reasonable paper, if you understand it properly. My comment has now been published, along with a response from the authors…the reply by original authors Rutten and Stolper is an exercise in evasion and obfuscation, and doesn't really address most of the points that I made." The article concludes that there is still no reason to think that there is anything particularly wrong with the Shang et al. Lancet paper, and there is certainly no excuse for accusing its authors of research misconduct." Paul Wilson, Hawk-Handsaw Blogspot ( 8th April 2009)