What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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105 pages. (30th July 2010) [pdf]

Shunning medicine led to Dingle's death: Coroner   [2:05min video] (30th July 2010)

Death by Homeopathy - Penelope Dingle Pt 1

“The tragic story of Penelope Dingle's choice, encouraged by her partner - later husband - Peter Dingle to abandon medical treatment for homeopathy. The homeopath is Francine Scrayen who would con Penelope by telling her she could cure rectal cancer. She claimed a psychic had told her Penelope would come into her life, be cured, Peter would discover a cure for cancer - and they would all be famous.” [15:03min video]


Death by Homeopathy - Penelope Dingle Pt 2

“Part Two of the tragic story of Penelope Dingle's death from choosing homeopathy over medical care for rectal cancer.” [15 min video]


Death by Homeopathy - Penelope Dingle Pt 3

“In part three, Penelope's sisters learn of the pact to write a book between Peter Dingle, culpable homeopath Francine Scrayen, and Penelope Dingle. The penny drops as to Peter Dingle's bizarre behaviour - watching his wife die. Peter was to become famous. Dingle himself, described by the coroner as a strong, influential personality who played a significant role in his wife's choices and ongoing self sabotage, appears to feign shock that he could have been misled. He seems to pretend to remember little. Worse, he lays the blame on Penelope by arguing that helping her to see the truth would be a breach of trust, and that her will to continue overrode his ability to save her life. In this episode…we meet his new wife - a homeopath.” [13:59min video]


Death by Homeopathy - Penelope Dingle Pt 4

“The conclusion to ABC's Australian Story episode ‘Desperate Remedies’ in which we learn of Francine Scrayen's culpability, sadly not proven at inquest…The Coronial Inquest debriefing is included as are shots of Penelope's letters to Scrayen. To this day Peter Dingle and Francine Scrayen remain at large.” [15:03min video]