What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"They [the MHRA] have just utterly betrayed the important job with which they are charged, "ensuring that medicines . . . work", by allowing homeopathic products to be labelled with indications without requiring any evidence that the claims are true (they aren't). The MHRA chief executive, Professor Kent Woods, should be fired immediately for dereliction of the duty of the MHRA to protect the public from medicines that don't work." Critical comments from David Colquhoun, FRS, A. J. Clark Professor of Pharmacology, University College London. He also reveals that the MHRA group responsible for advising on whether or not medicines work consists of one pharmacologist, one psychiatrist, a representative an organisation devoted to "crackpot medicine", a nurse and three accountants/bankers/marketers with strong industry connections (the members are identified).