What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Nelsons, UK manufacturers of such products as Bach Rescue Remedies, and a range of homeopathic sugar pills, such as Teetha, have been inspected by the US authority the FDA as their products are exported to the US. The FDA reports many concerns about their manufacturing processes in London and have ordered them to report how they are going to remediate their concerns…Nelsons appear to go through the magic rituals of homeopathic preparation, including the impossible dilutions and magic shaking.Therein lies their problem. There are genuine concerns in the letter, such as the failure to keep manufacturing production free of broken glass…The [FDA] investigator also observed for Batch #36659 that one out of every six bottles did not receive the dose of active homeopathic drug solution due to the wobbling and vibration of the bottle assembly during filling of the active ingredient. The active ingredient was instead seen dripping down the outside of the vial assembly…Given that they are dripping pure water/ethanol onto sugar pills, which quickly evaporates, the fact that some pills were not getting their magic mixture is immaterial. Of course, no homeopaths have complained that the pills they received were duds as all pills are duds. Homeopathy does not work. Its a placebo treatment. Such are the absurdities of regulating magic. Some questions arise though. Why has our own medicines regulator, the MHRA, failed to spot such lax manufacturing processes on its own turf? Will Boots the Chemist and Holland & Barrett remove these products from its shelves until such time as Nelsons can demonstrate that their magic rituals are being applied appropriately? I have written to them both to find out.” Andy Lewis, The Quackometer (9th August 2012)