What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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News article in the British Medical Journal which elicited critical responses concerning the validity of homeopathy: "Many of homeopathy's proponents seem unable to see the truth about homeopathy because homeopathy is a philosophy that has been finely tuned over 200 years to render its adherents incapable of discerning the truth for themselves. This problem is built into the structure of the homeopathic process. Literally any outcome for the patient is used as confirmation of homeopathy's truth. Recovery obviously means the remedy worked. A lack of response merely dictates more prolonged treatment or a change of remedy. More bizarrely, a deterioration is called an "aggravation" and is specifically regarded as a sure sign the remedy is having the desired effect. Homeopathy is not a system of medicine, but a set of excuses. It does not provide successful treatment but a set of narrative tools to accompany the natural history of the disease". Simon J. Baker, Verterinary Surgeon (17th October 2005)