What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Giving people a choice between quackery and proper care for their animals hides a huge injustice. It adds no choice to owners since there are false options involved which actually detract from the animal owner's empowerment. The owner may well feel better for providing 'holistic' care to their animal. They may well feel superior and 'caring more' than leaving their animal to a standard vet, who may not be able to do too much. But, this is at the expense of the animal who may find it hard to tell us that the magic homeopathy water was ineffective. The owner, full of fresh expectations of improvement in their animal, interprets any sign to justify the expense of their 'alternative approach'. The usual thinking biases kick in such as post hoc reasoning after regression to the mean, wishful thinking and selection biases. Meanwhile, an animal may still be suffering…The function of an animal placebo is to palliate the owner's anxieties and fears, not the animal's." The Quackometer (22nd March 2008)