What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"These days rapidly fluctuating magnetic fields are used in conventional medicine in high-tech imaging machines (such as MRI scanners) and for promoting the healing of bone fractures. However, alternative medicine tends to use static magnets, which create a permanent magnetic field, to treat many conditions, mostly to alleviate chronic pain. Static magnets are worn as wrist bands, belts, leg wraps, shoe inlays, patches, etc and can be purchased through numerous outlets; more often than not, the consumer/patient would not have had any contact with a healthcare practitioner. Does it work? There is no evidence that static magnets offer any medical benefit for pain relief. As they are usually self-administered, there is a danger of missing serious diagnoses and losing valuable time for early treatment of serious diseases." By Simon Singh and Professor Edzard Ernst, Daily Mail (8th April 2008)