What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported that many of the United State's 16 chiropractic programs are struggling to stay in business.  According to the journal's analysis, during the past 10 years, enrolment at chiropractic colleges fell by 8% to about 12,000 students, and four lost close to half of their students. This is a serious problem because about 85% of chiropractic college income comes from tuition. One cause of financial stress is the high compensation packages of their presidents, which consume 2% of their colleges' budgets (five times as much as the typical president at a private college with a budget over $50 million). Some earn nearly as much as leaders of research universities that are 10 times or more their size. (Scroll to end the of the link for graphs) [Source: Fuller A. Chiropractic colleges seek legitimacy amid financial woes. The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 1, 2012]