What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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A question was posed to me this week: can chiropractic treatments help with scoliosis?...I looked. And I am appalled. There is nothing - nothing, not a shred of evidence - that chiropractic can help scoliosis...[chiropractors] have illustrated that their own profession has neglected children. They have essentially no evidence that any of their treatments work for any pediatric condition. However, at the rate they're going, the tiny dribble of studies being published isn't going to come close to a decent, reliable body of literature any time soon. A single issue of Pediatrics contains far more studies looking at far more children than the entire accumulated published experience of the entire chiropractic profession...Chiropractic professionals need to decide. Is treating children part of our practice? If so, they should insist on quality information to guide their practice to effectively help pediatric patients. Until they have that knowledge, they ought to tell parents that, honestly, they have no idea what they're doing." Roy Benaroch, MD, Paediatrician, MedPage Today (28th February 2013)