What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Imagine waking up day after day inside a cage so small that you cannot stand up in it, or even sit down or crouch on all fours. You wake up and eliminate your wastes, which you inevitably end up wallowing in all day as it covers your body and eventually dries into a crusty mess. You look to your left and see others just like you lined up in cage after cage. You look to your right and you see someone advancing toward you with a long, slender tube in one hand and a syringe with a long needle in the other. You know they are coming for you, just like they did last time. You know what they are about to do to your body, but you’re unable to escape your imprisonment to flee the pain they will inflict. You do not understand why they are doing this, but they do. They are using your body organs to make money. This is the life that perhaps as many as 13,000 Asiatic Black Bears (also called Moon Bears because of their half-circle chest blaze) endure on a life-long basis in Asian countries like China and Vietnam."

Bush Warriors blogspot (17th August 2010) [Includes photos and video footage.]